Production Tooling

We have extensive knowledge and facilities to produce all kinds of fully hardened production tooling to your specification. Plastic injection moulds are our speciality, produced in-house by our fully trained and highly experienced staff. Tool cavities are precision CNC machined or electrodes can be finely detailed for spark erosion to exacting standards required by our prestigious client portfolio.

Industrial Models
Hayden Plastics has the expertise and dedicated workshops to produce industrial models of all types. These can be precision machined or hand made according to customers requirements, for applications in engineering, visual, space, or fully functional applications.

KeltoolŪ Service Provider

Hayden Products have invested in the rapid prototyping technology of stereolithography, which when combined with 3D Keltool, rapid steel injection mould tools can be produced, for prototypes and full production. The speed and accuracy of SL masters is integrated with the rapid 3D Keltool mould core and cavity inserts - combining two proven technologies. The main benefits include: · Rapid mould tool inserts to injection mould almost any material.· Cost reductions on complex shapes compared to traditional CNC machining methods.

High thermal conductivity improving cycle times to boost production. · Outstanding tool life. · Excellent results, rapidly, at reduced cost to give you that competitive edge.